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2014 Tallest Buildings in the World and Extinct Animals - 세계의 초고층빌딩들과 멸종동물들

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작품 Works Tallest Buildings in the World and Extinct Animals 세계의 초고층빌딩들과 멸종동물들 In the past, I only created my work and put them on display for my own artistic fulfillment. I still hang on to my persona… 더보기

2014 City and Little Girl - 도시와 소녀

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작품 Works City and Little Girl 도시와 소녀 City and Little Girl, 76cmx57cm, watercolor on paper,장노아 Noah Jang 도시는 인류의 흥망성쇠와 함께 인간의 삶과 죽음, 희극과 비극, 꿈과 절망이 고스란히 담긴 곳이기에 아름답고 찬란하면서도 슬픈 공간이다. 거대한 도시들과 초고층 빌딩들은 끝… 더보기

2011 For Literature - 문학을 위하여展, 인사미술공간, 서울

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For Literature 문학文學을 위하여 Literature transcends time, culture, and place as it describes humanity. Poets internalize the social language shared by everyone and recreate it into a new language of their … 더보기

2010 MESSAGE - 메시지

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MESSAGE 메시지 I copied portions of the Bible onto transparent sheets and overlapped them, and then engraved messages such as LOVE and HOPE with a knife. When the lights are off, the messages aren't visi… 더보기

2009 Shopaholic - 쇼퍼홀릭

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Shopaholic 쇼퍼홀릭 It will be difficult for people in the future to figure out the use of some things we commonly use today just by the looks of them, just as we couldn't discern the use of a norigae (tr… 더보기

2008 Names of Objects, Portraits of Words - 사물의 이름, 언어의 초상

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Names of Objects 사물의 이름 The world and its objects are silent, and it is only men that talk about the world and its objects. In order to talk, men give names to and explain about everything. That is kn… 더보기

2007 Portraits of Poets - 시인의 초상

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Portraits of Poets 시인의 초상 Like martyrs who devote their lives to religion, writers dedicate their whole lives to art and intellectualism. Particularly, it is the poets who describe the world through e… 더보기

2005 READING - 읽기

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READING 읽기 Since people are incomplete beings, everything belonging to the people also involves incompleteness. Particularly, because of the incompleteness of languages, acknowledgement, and memory, t… 더보기
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